Hoaxes and Bad Art

First of all I don’t believe Kayvon Edson should go to prison, although he certainly will serve time. I think much will be made of his history of mental illness, although I don’t think that should prevent anyone from taking his action seriously. If Edson wants this action to be viewed as performance art, here comes a review of it as performance art. Kayvon Edson is not a good performance artist. The reason why his action seems...

Small Town Diner: Analog Instagram

The world of photography is changing rapidly, film is dying, and the advent of digital photography on your cellphone has made the medium cheaper and more accessible than ever. People who would have seldom taken pictures of their daily life now photograph the world around them on a daily basis. As a result ten percent of all the photographs ever taken in the history of photography were taken in 2011...

Black Art During [Counter]Revolution

“In the whole world you know / There are billions of boys and girls / Who are young, gifted, and Black” ... Written by Weldon Irvine and popularized by Nina Simone, “To be young, gifted, and black” was an anthem for African Americans seeking legitimacy in the arts. Although this song originally was an elegy for Nina Simone’s friend, Lorraine Hansberry — acclaimed author of A Raisin in the Sun, it was part of a broader conversation about the challenges that black virtuosos faced in the United States...

Doing it For Themselves

What do vegan treats, political buttons and patches, intersectional feminists, and hundreds of pounds of ink and paper have in common? All were present at the 5th annual Chicago Zine Fest held at Columbia College March 14th through the 15th. The event which was free and open to the public, featured 257 zine distros (collectives or individuals who self-publish for exposure rather than profit) and held a number of forums throughout the weekend...

Fifteen Years and What Have We Learned?

Modern capitalism has to manifest itself as flexible and even eccentric. Everything is geared towards gripping the emotion of the consumer. Modern capitalism seeks to assure us that it operates according to the principles of free creativity, endless development and diversity. It glosses over its other side in order to hide the reality that millions of people are enslaved by an all-powerful and fantastically stable norm of production...

Revolution Through the Eyes of Youth

In March, an exhibition was organized by the popular youth organization Tajamou3 Ana Sury to celebrate the third anniversary of the Syrian revolution. The exhibition included several series of pictures of the various events of the revolution of the past three years, the remnants of war used by the regime against the civilians and banners raised from the beginning of the peaceful popular movement until today...

De Man Overboard!

Evelyn Barish's The Double Life of Paul de Man, from Basic Books, is a scandalous volume, in at least a couple of ways. At the most obvious level there is troubling nature, even after all this time, of the "the de Man affair" -- the discovery, in 1987, that the preeminent figure among the literary theorists at Yale University had published a substantial body of literary journalism in a Belgian newspaper when it served as a mouthpiece for the Nazis...

A Shaking Off

Something slumbered underground... What once walked was driven down... Banished from its place of birth... It smoldered deep beneath the earth... On the surface reigned supreme... The frozen echoes of a scream... A labyrinth was erected there... Pristine prisons in the open air... Slow attrition aimed to kill... For forty years unhindered, till... Some spark ignited memories... Stolen homes and refugees...


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