On Artists and Radical Ideas: A Response to Adam Turl

In a recent piece for Red Wedge Adam Turl discusses the origin, development, and subsequent art historical significance of Dada, calling it “one of the most historically important art movements of the 20th century.” Turl is surely right in characterizing Dada this way, as the provocative hijinks and derisive works of leading Dadaists...

An Uprising In Pictures

We arrived in Ferguson on the Saturday of the nation-wide march. Even though I had seen the footage, the photos, read the reports, I still wasn’t sure what to expect when we arrived. We parked our van in a shopping center and then we walked down West Florissant, a main street in the city...

Michfest Is Dying From Bigotry

As the largest all-women's festival in the world moves towards its 40th year, organizers' defense of exclusionary policies have created a climate that is the opposition of Michfest's stated intention of creating a welcoming and healing space for people who desperately need it...

Fuck tha Police

Ezell Ford's case is one all-too-familiar: a young and unarmed Black man gunned down by police. Almost as notorious as the shooting itself has been the flagrantly racist and absurd response of the LAPD to a song released in Ford's honor. Ceebo the Rapper had known Ford since the two were kids...


The Hour Glass

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The Hour Glass

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The Veiled Prophet / Jefferson Bank Protests

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The Hour Glass

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