Memories of Solidarity

The story of an encounter between a group of left-wing gay activists in London and a remote mining community in southern Wales would seem calculated to provoke applause from both crowds. It is rare enough these days to see a film that celebrates labor struggles...

The Theory and Appeal of Giant Monsters

For the many who stare perplexed at the phenomenon of giant monster movies, the driving question is: what’s the appeal? For those of us who belong to the fandom, the old answers are necessary in response: we should not be compelled to justify what we enjoy; the genre hits a note of nostalgia for some of us...

Manufacturing Truth

Life is not, as Hobbes asserted, “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short” because humans are naturally selfish. That brutishness is a product of what Marx called “commodity fetishism.” The system of enforced scarcity alienates human beings from our true cooperative nature. As the crises inherent in capitalism roll from one into the next...

Newer Songs

If there is anyone whose stature approaches that of a modern martyr-saint for the social justice set, it’s Victor Jara. Why then, at this juncture in time, would it make sense to release a pamphlet on him? Venceremos, penned by Gabriel San Roman and published by PM Press, is just such a pamphlet...

Emory Douglas, Art and Revolution

Emory Douglas's role as Minister of Culture for the BPP involved communicating the party's message to a community with little experience of formal politics. His drawings and images in the Black Panther newspaper illustrated empowered black people as well as representations of their oppressors, the Pigs...

I Spit You Out of My Mouth

“I didn’t see much of Lost, but did you watch Battlestar Galactica?” (the first two seasons) ... But what if you must write something? God, anything, about something you neither hate nor love? You think of Revelations 3.16: “So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth.” ...


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