Rendering the River of Ash

Environmentalist artist Marissa Angel has been creating work that comments on the relationship between people and the environment for more than a decade, but in the last few years, her work has taken on an explicitly political tone...

If Only

“Most difficult moment for a father: split his children in all corners of the house or all in one corner and die together?” ... I’m walking and a man says, “If the Palestinians would just love their children more than they hate their enemy, the violence would be over.” ...

Fighting (For) the Right to Party

Insofar as it is not seen as merely obtuse, expressing a preference for what is called classical, art or concert music over what used to be referred to as “popular” musical forms is viewed as potentially reactionary, an implicit defense of the privileged class...

Performing Artists Stand for Palestine

We, cultural workers representing the majority of Palestinian performing art organizations, condemn the current Israeli attack and aggression on Gaza, and the indiscriminate killing and maiming of mainly civilians, among them many children and women...


Tom Nielson was very proud of his job. There was an art to what he did. It wasn’t just throwing muck and seeing what stuck. He was an expert. In ten years on the job he had created a number of lies and legends and shaggy dog stories still percolating in the popular consciousness...

Don’t Go Hungry for My Dark Skin

Don’t go hungry for my dark skin. Don’t go hungry for a homeland. You ask why you must love a country That doesn’t love you back. Isn’t this the way of all love? The nature of hunger? You’ve forgotten the names of the birds That fly above you. You’ve forgotten the name of the tree...

Détroit, très Brooklyn!

Quite religiously, Detroit clings to a succession of saving graces, solutions to its economic, social and image problems. Detroit is hoping for a renaissance. And Detroit leadership has long looked for pixie-dust solutions in grand, top-down initiatives that will bring the city back to life...


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