The Spirit Politic

Ghosts may seem mundane, prosaic even. And yet through the annals of capitalism there is no more ubiquitous supernatural being. For all of Karl Marx’s fantastical imagery, it was the ghost -- not the shuffling flesh-eater or bloodsucker -- that he and collaborator Friedrich Engels chose to open their most important document...

Dead of the World Unite?

I would love nothing more than to watch a film that was dedicated to the resurrection of Soviet forces to stomp some Nazi zombies but this just wasn't entirely the case with Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead. Sure it is true the Soviet comrades are raised from their frosty graves, but to be honest they don't get much screen time...

Dia de Los Muertos vs. Halloween: Know the Difference Or Get Checked

Dia de Los Muertos is actually one of the most important holidays celebrated in Mexico, Latin America, and by Latinxs in the U.S. and abroad. Its origins trace back to the rituals of the pre-Columbian indigenous populations of Meso-America who celebrated and honored their dead with a month-long celebration...

The Strain: Master and Slave

It is rare for a TV show in the current environment featuring such now cliché tropes as vampires and an epidemic of the living dead to surprise its audiences, but The Strain is undoubtedly an example of such a surprise. Part conspiracy thriller, part outbreak saga...

Sartrean Themes in Joss Whedon’s Angel: A Marxist Interpretation

Yet more than being just a good television show, Angel, is also radical (dare I say revolutionary?) in its advocacy of revolt against oppressive institutions. This can be explained in part by Whedon’s embrace of the philosophical categories of Jean-Paul Sartre (such as existentialism)...


My brutality is wholesome, a culmination of cartoon farm-family values ... Visited upon the animals you name and give voices to when you read your children their bedtime story ... I float over you when you turn on their night-light ... a gelding knife in one hand ... a grenade in the other



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