Labor Intensive: In Defense of Sex Work

This is the last fucking straw. As sex workers, he have had enough. We are sick of the public (including much of the left) clinging to the vestiges of a puritanical past. Therefore, with all due defiance and anger, we welcome you to a nuanced position on sexuality and labor: the work of sex...

Artists & Writers in Solidarity with Ferguson

Artists, musicians and writers have a responsibility to stand squarely with the protesters and rebels of Ferguson, Missouri. Art is an empathetic enterprise. We cannot, in good conscience, make art or write about art and ignore what is happening. We promise to stand, however we can, with the people of Ferguson...

No Selves to Defend

On July 18, an exhibition called “No Selves to Defend” opened in the Art In These Times space in Chicago. The opening was a fundraiser for the legal defense fund for Marissa Alexander, a Florida woman facing up to 60 years in prison for firing a warning shot in the air when her abusive ex-husband threatened her...

Reading Celan at the Liberation War Museum

In a courtyard, in these stacks of chairs before the empty stage — near are we Lord, near and graspable. Lord, accept these humble offerings: stacks of biscuits wrapped in cellophane, stacks of bone in glass: thighbone, spine. Stacks of white saucers, porcelain circles into which stacks of lip-worn cups slide neat. Jawbone, Lord...

Just Don’t Let it Happen Again

It might seem silly, peculiar, or just plain naive to make of the revived musical Pippin! an occasion for serious social, political, philosophical reflection, (even if one accepts the premise that Broadway musicals can produce meaningful social commentary in the first place). Despite being nominated for ten Tony Awards...

Kathleen Hanna Saved My Life

I wasn’t a “real punk rocker” because I was obsessed with Kathleen Hanna and riot grrrl bands. Male punks told me that those chicks couldn’t play their instruments and that those bands were worthless. Punk rock women have even outright laughed in my face when I have attempted to discuss feminism, or riot grrrl music...

Still Trapped In the Jungle

Any theater that attempts to stage an adaptation of Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle is either going to be brave or stupid. This is to say if it isn’t a smashing success, it’s going to be a spectacular failure. There are a lot of different notes to hit in the original book...


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